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    What is a floatvest?

    A float vest or swim vest is a comfortable vest meant to assist your little one when learning how to swim. The vest allows for a vertical and horizontal position while, letting the child float easier in the water. It creates a greater safety and better movement compared to swim wings.

    Note that it is not a life jacket, and not meant for boating / sailing / paddle boards.

    why do we love them?

    We love the float vest for its comfortable and light fit on your little mermaid or delphine – Designed with both YKK zippers and velcro closure, and featuring a buckled safety crotch strap your child can never slip out of the vest.

    Why do we love them?

    The float vests allow your little swimmer to improve their skills throughout the summer with
    the removable float-elements inside. As your child grows in both size and confidence throughout the summer, you can remove elements gradually, starting with 1+1 and going up.

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